Tiemo Ritratto.jpg

Generally speaking I'm an enthusiast of everything that has to do with images, music or (in the best case) both. I started to gain interest in film making around 2011 and it became my hobby to make small short films or visual effect tests. When I finished high school I was determined to develop my skills and to turn my passion for the motion picture into a profession. 

In 2014 I participated in a one-month film making workshop at the Prague Film School to deepen my (completely self-taught) knowledge of image manipulation, editing and sound recording. But especially, to take on the next level of becoming a film director, which has always been my special interest.

While still at school, besides working on short film projects, I also took piano and guitar lessons as well as special classes in advanced music theory and composition. 

I am fascinated by how the combination of music and images is able to create strong and unique emotions. The love of this effect is the driving force behind my creative work and also my motivation to continually improve myself.