4 Chili - GIO FAL (prod. by AiSi)

When I got contacted by the musicians GIO FAL and AiSi for creating a music video for one of his songs I made clear that I would create the video just if he gave me full control over the creative ascpects. Together with Fabio Marciano and Lumento Pictures (a production company I founded together with him) I spent weeks to find an original idea to get away from the cliches that are associated with a traditional music video for rap. After the idea was found we spent several days finding the locations and for the shooting. As the video had a very close deadline four sleppless days and nights followed for the final editing and the color correction/grading.

Directed and edited by Tiemo Weidemann

Cinematography and color by Fabio Marciano

Produced by Lumento Pictures

A Day In The Nature - La Borina

In May of this year the holiday farm "La Borina" close to Verona, Italy asked me to produce 3 small videos to promote the different parts of their business. I made a small private highlight film with my favorite scenes from these videos. As this version was not been paid and was just made to show you some of my work, it does not have the ambition to function as a publicity for "La Borina".

Just lay back and enjoy the summer again!

Cinematography by Tiemo Weidemann

Edited by Tiemo Weidemann

"Wedding Trailer" - Camilla and Mirko (02/07/2016)

After almost a month of not publishing anything (I've been working on some corporate videos that yet need approval) I can finally show you the trailer of maybe the most romantic wedding I've had the honor to film. Camilla and Mirko showed us their love every second we spent with them and they took us to some very stunning places to make it possible for us to make a beautiful wedding film. But watch by yourself! I hope you like this video and that it transport the many emotions of the couple.

Cinematography by Tiemo Weidemann and Viola Pittino

Edited by Tiemo Weidemann

"Wedding Trailer" - Samuela and Fabio (22/05/2016)

Surrounded by friends and family, Samuela and Fabio spent their wedding day mostly in the nature. After the ceremony they took their first walk as husband and wife between trees and roses while the sun shone so bright and friendly that you could assume it was celebrating with them.



Cinematography by Tiemo Weidemann and Viola Pittino

Edited by Tiemo Weidemann

"Wedding Trailer" - Giulia and Antonio (30/04/2016)

At the end of April Giulia and Antonio got married and we were there to accompany them on their very special day. This video is not really a wedding trailer in the usual way but we decided to show this very romantic part from the entire wedding film to you. 

Cinematography by Tiemo Weidemann and Raffaele Najjar

Edited by Tiemo Weidemann

SHORT FILM - Under Seven Heavens

Here is my new short film "Under Seven Heavens". I got the idea, planned and shot it during the Easter weekend. The post production, including the sky replacement and lightning effects took me another month to finish (also because I was very busy the last month".

The short film tells the story of a depressed and bored girl finding her way to happiness in the most unlikely circumstances. Where others lock themselves away in their homes, this girl takes on a small journey to liberty against all the dangers.

Directed, shot and edited by Tiemo Weidemann
Actress: Laura Lupinetti
Sound design and music by Tiemo Weidemann

Filmed with Panasonic Lumix GH4, post production in After Effects CC