SHORT FILM - Left In Ruins

Yesterday I could finally finish a short film (or narrative music video) that I worked on for way to much time. We started filming it when a friend visited me in November and had a small project in mind. But because of my ambition to make it as good as possible, especially the parts where I used CGI or Visual Effects to improve the story and create beautiful images, took a lot of work to realize. Instead of the one week that I actually thought it will take this project got a little bit dusty over the last four months. Especially because I was dependent of my friend who went back to home to reshoot a scene. But now it is finally finished and I hope you will like it.

A story about a man who is lost in his mind, in his hopes and fears. He walks the way believing to be the only one. But maybe you are the only one when you just see yourself.

Special thanks to: 
Maximilian Hainich, Stefania Leone, Laura Lupinetti, Fabio Marciano, Daniele di Cugnio, Ambra Fastelli
The short film was filmed with a Panasonic Lumix GH4. Edited and VFX in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.