Almost every adolescent goes through a period where he or she feels unloved, unwanted or unworthy - up to a point where this might result in complete isolation, mental and sometimes even physical self-destruction.
These feelings often bury themselves deep into the sub-consciousness while from outside they go unnoticed and disregarded. Only by acknowledging what makes you human - that you are worthy even when everyone tells you otherwise - there is a chance to break free from this downward spiral of self-destruction that would only go deeper and deeper.

Under Seven Heavens - A story about freedom

Directed, shot and edited by Tiemo Weidemann
Actress: Laura Lupinetti
Sound design and music by Tiemo Weidemann

Filmed with Panasonic Lumix GH4, post production in After Effects CC

Left In Ruins - Look beyond yourself

A story about a man who is lost in his mind, in his hopes and fears. He walks the way believing to be the only one. But maybe you are the only one when you just see yourself.

Special thanks to: 
Maximilian Hainich, Stefania Leone, Laura Lupinetti, Fabio Marciano, Daniele di Cugnio, Ambra Fastelli
The short film was filmed with a Panasonic Lumix GH4. Edited and VFX in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Sixty Four - Trapped in the two minds of one woman

Trapped in the two minds of one woman. A woman plays chess against an abusive part of her conscious and destructs herself in a loop of guilt and self-doubts.

  • WINNER for Best Student Short Film - Direct Shorts Online Film Festival, March 2016

  • WINNER for Best Foreign Surreal Short - Wendy's Shorts, February 2016

  • WINNER for Best International First Time Filmmaker Short - Texas Ultimate Shorts, February 2016

  • In OFFICIAL SELECTION for best short film - Venice Film Week, August 2016

  • In OFFICIAL SELECTION for best foreign student short film - Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, February 2016

  • In OFFICIAL SELECTION for best student film - Roma Cinema DOC, January 2016

  • In OFFICIAL SELECTION for best short film - MoveMe Productions Belgium, 2016

Born In Captivity - A short film about a bird that will never be free

A bird who lives without freedom and dies without freedom just to get reborn in the known suppressive surroundings. But is it actually just the bird that never experiences real liberty?

Inverted World - Never be to sure that you're normal and the others are the crazy ones

This is a small exercise we had to do while participating the one-month film making project of the Prague Film School. Our homework over one weekend was to make a short film that fits the following limitations:

  • maximum duration: 1 min

  • the action of the film must take place on a bench or includes a bench in some way

  • not more than two actors

  • no dialogue or monologue

  • maximum shooting time 2 hours for each student