About Me

"Do what you love, and you will never want to stop working"
Not the original quote, but more accurate in my opinion

Tiemo Weidemann

I am a German director, cinematographer, and editor - or, generally speaking, a filmmaker. After learning the basics of storytelling, working with actors, advanced cinematographic techniques and technical know-how at the Prague Film School, I have followed my passion every day since. My continuous search for new creative challenges and the ambition to improve my craft motivated me to my extended travels in Asia and Italy. There I had the chance to learn from amazing people who challenged my ideas about filmmaking and often pushed me out of my creative "comfort zone". Always drawing inspiration from my experiences, I developed a certain style for his work that combines traditional cinematic ideas with a modern and personal touch.

I would describe myself a little bit as an "atmosphere junkie". The key similarity that all my favorite movies, songs or paintings have alike is that they all manage to create a strong, impenetrable and often devastating atmosphere. I personally love to crush myself by watching a movie (eg. "Melancholia" by Lars von Trier) because at the very end of the experience awaits a highly cathartic moment. Like waking up from a confusingly realistic dream, the perfect film for me has to make me see life and its many facets in a different way, appreciating it even more.

This love for the "atmosphere" is a driving force for me on my creative journey and always manages to get me up on my feet when I lose faith in my abilities or a particulate project. This, of course, is very subjective and everyone will have different motivations and expectations towards art itself.


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